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Nov 11, 2010

Born Into Brothels

Release date: 17 January 2004 (Sundance Film Festival)

A documentary made by Zana Briski and Ross Kauffman, Born Into Brothels takes us into Calcutta's red light district to meet the children of the prostitutes who roam its streets. Lower than the low, these children are all but invisible to Indian society and aid organizations. Deemed so low in fact, that neither government officials nor schools wish to take them on. But Zana brings photography to their lives, setting the kids up cameras, classes on how to use them and then weekly sessions to critique the photographs of the world they inhabit. The kids, of course, excel in the art and soon Zana conceives a plan to hold a photographic exhibition of their work to help fund their escape from the ghettos they inhabit. Beautiful illustrating a story we all should be aware of, Born Into Brothels shows us both the resiliency of children and the potential that lies within all, regardless of their birth.

My rating 8 out of 10.

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