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Jan 15, 2011


Release date: 29 April 1999 (Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia)

The single biggest problem with this Bond-lite flick rests with the utter lack of romance that is supposed to exist between its two stars, master thieves Robert MacDougal (Sean Connery) and Virgina Baker (Catherine Zeta-Jones). Directed by John Amiel, the premise is the entrapment of the aging burglar by the younger agent who is working for an insurance agency. There's plenty of action, the requisite master thief training the up-and-comer, Mission Impossible-like antics at the Petronas Towers in Kuala Lumpur , a twist or three and moments of 'romance' which are laugh out loud silly. Rent this only if you're heading to Kuala Lumpur - as I actually was at the time - or want some comic relief, otherwise avoid being entrapped by its supposed star power.

My rating 2 out of 10.

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